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Nanosecond High Voltage pulsers

Nanosecond high-voltage pulse generator is based on new all solid-state semiconductor FID switch technology, which is dedicated to nanosecond electric field related research power platform architecture.

Picosecond High Voltage pulsers

● High switching rate and repetition frequency, which can be used in the fields of pokels cells drive, streak camera control, optical imaging and laser modulation drive, etc
● Extremely fast pulse output, which can be used for the test of UWB radar, phased antenna array, ground penetrating radar, UWB communication system and signal shield
● Signal source for EMI and EMC test
● Providing super fast high power pulse signal for particle accelerator

FPG-SP Ultra-Fast Pulsers

The rise time of FPG-SP series pulse generator ranges from 20 picoseconds to 100 picoseconds. FPG-SP series pulse generator is designed for the convenience of laboratory or industrial use. These pulse generators can be desktop or rack mounted.

High PRF Pulsers

FPG-HF high pulse repetition rate pulsers with PRF from 100 kHz to several megahertz. FPG-HF pulsers are manufactured in both desktop or rack mount housings and are convenient for laboratory or industrial use.

Multi-channel pulsers

In certain cases a high voltage nanosecond or picosecond pulse should be applied to a sustained load or simultaneously to several loads.FPG-X multichannel pulsers are designed for these applications.