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Band Pass Filters (Waveguide & Coaxial)

CBF series band pass filter is primarily used for narrow band applications. Pass bands are typically from 1% to 4%. This design is well suited for frequency diplexers used in communication systems or any applications where narrow bandwidths are required.

High Pass Filter (Waveguide & Coaxial)

CHF series high pass filters use a simple yet effective waveguide cut-off filter technique. This design is useful for eliminating unwanted side bands in upconverters and out-of band frequencies in communication systems.

Low Pass Filter (Waveguide & Coaxial)

CLF series low pass filters are available from 0.1-110Ghz in seven waveguide bands. The filters have well matched, full waveguide pass band and thereafter a very wide stop band. The filters reject up to three times the highest pass band frequency. Due the natural waveguide cut off, these filters can also function as full waveguide band-pass filters. Consult Cernex for dimensions due to the wide range of waveguide sizes and frequency ranges.