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Aero-Rad Technology Co., Ltd is committed to research on EMC and corresponding testing systems. Aero-Rad locates in the Zhongguancun Hi-Tech Park, has found the cooperation relationship with some famous universities and national research institutes near around. Aero-Rad has many experienced engineers who have worked in EMC related field for long time. Based on the new technologies from ourselves and partners and instruments from international companies, Aero-Rad develops a variety of automatic testing systems which will be used in the test of EMC .

Today, the informationization within our application systems is evolving rapidly with more integrated subsystems, advanced electrical technology and more EMC systems. Meanwhile, the system users will meet more and more challenges: how the systems can survive in the different kinds of electromagnetic environment and keep the functionality and performance, how to avoid the positive influence on the neighborhood. With years of experience in complicated electromagnetic compatibility, Aero-Rad Technology Co., Ltd proposes special testing methodologies and testing systems for the systems in complex electromagnetic environment.

•   Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing System for Device and Subsystems 

•  Monitoring of Electromagnetic Environment, Simulation and Analysis System for Electromagnetic Field 

•   High Power Radiation System 

•   RF Power Amplifiers

•   Electromagnetism Protection Technique

Aero-Rad holds the concept: technology first and serving customers first . Our belief is to provide products and service in first class to customer .