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CS115 Rectangular Pulse Generator

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CS115 Rectangular Pulse Generator

This test generator is designed to comply with the requirements of the MIL-STD-461 CS115. The test method CS115 is used to verify the ability of the EUT to withstand pulse excitation on interconnecting cables. The pulse generator can be ordered with all the accessories in order to build the full test set-up basically consisting of an injection probe, an attenuator and an oscilloscope. The generator can be controlled by a computer through a RS232 or USB interface.


This generator is also available as a module which has to be installed inside the POG-CS116 modular generator.


Typestandalone generatormodule
StandardsMIL-STD-461    D/E/F/G CS115
Maximum output voltageabout 1    kV (on 50 Ω)
Repetition ratesingle, 1 to 50 Hz
Rise time (10 - 90 %)≤ 2 ns
Fall time (90 - 10 %)≤ 2 ns
Pulse duration (90 - 90 %)≥ 30 ns
Pulse amplitude variation± 5 %
Output impedance50 Ω
Output connectorN (female)
Remote controlRS232 and USB
Power supply90 - 264    Vac
     47 - 63 Hz    / 150 VA
Dimensions (W x H x L)45 x 18 x 55 cm23.5 x    6.5 x 24 cm
Weight13.5 kg1.2 kg