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Digital Control Attenuators

● Automatic Gain Control
● Communications Systems
● Leveling Circuits
● Precision Test Equipment
● Electronic Simulator

● Frequency Range: DC-20GHz
● Available in binary 4 to 8 bits configuration With 0.5dB resolution and up to 64dB total attenuation
● Precision, reliability and repeatability

Variable Attenuators (Waveguide & Coaxial)

CSA Series variable (level) setting attenuators can have variable IL that range from 0 to 25 dB with full waveguide operational bandwidth. The variable (level) setting attenuators are equipped with a micrometer, which enables rapid re-setting.

Broad Band High-Power Air-Cooled Loads

CWL Series air-cooled loads have great reliability and need minimum maintenance. The power rating is for free-air natural convection and increased by 30-50% if forced-air cooling is used. The loads are capable of operating at the rated power detailed in the table over the temperature range -55 to +65〬C.