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Broadband Solid State Amplifiers (BSA Series)

The covered frequencies start at 4kHz and range up to 40 GHz. At the low end of the frequency range up to 20 kW of output power are available. From 26.5 to 40 GHz still 40 W of broadband power are provided. This wide range is realized in different technologies where most of the amplifiers are based on solid state technology.

Audio power amplifier(DC-150kHz)

APA-1200 is a special audio power amplifier for electromagnetic compatibility military standard test, which is mainly used for conducting sensitivity of power line, conducting sensitivity of shell current, magnetic field radiation sensitivity test in GJB 151A-97/ 152A-97 and MIL-STD-461D/E/F, DO-160E/F, and other sensitivity tests that need to amplify audio signal.

Traveling wave tube amplifier (TWT Series)

Broadband power available in solid state technology declines rapidly above 1 GHz. Therefore, travelling wave tubes are used for higher output power levels. Up to 18 GHz output power levels of 1 kW CW and 8 kW pulsed are provided.

Frequency Range:1GHz-50GHz
Power Range:20W-1kW

EMI Preamplifier & Antenna

Frequency Range:9kHz-40GHz
Gain Range:18dB-50dB

Broadband High Power Amplifiers

● General High Power Laboratory RF Sources.
● Output Amplifiers in test Equipment (ATE &AGE)
● Driver Amplifiers in RF Distribution Networks
● Driver Amplifiers for TWTAs

● Coverage From 0.1 to 46.0 GHz(Octave/Multi-octave)
● Up To 50 Watt Output Power (@1dB Compression Point)
● Single Bias (+15VDC) Power Supply
● Compact Thin-Film Construction
● Economically Priced

Broadband Low Noise Amplifier

CBL series are general purpose amplifiers suitable for a wide range of applications in commercial and military systems where low to high gain block amplifiers are required. CBL series arecompact, rugged, and may be designed into commercial and military systems where tringentenvironments are encountered.

Broadband Medium Power Amplifiers

● General High Power Laboratory RF Sources.
● Output Amplifiers in test Equipment (ATE &AGE)
● Driver Amplifiers in RF Distribution Intermediate Power Amplifiers (IPA) in High Power Chaines.

● Coverage From 0.5 to 65.0 GHz(Octave/Multioctave)
● Up to 2 Watt Output Power (@1dBCompression Point)
● Compact/Rugged Thin-Film Construction
● Economically Priced

Gain Control Amplifiers

CGC series provide a continuously variable gain control over six key wideband frequency ranges, givingthe system designer with increased dynamic range and the ability to set the signal levels. The low control current(typically less than 10mA) simplifies control driver requirements. The variable gain control modules are combined with high performance GaAs FET and MMIC fixed-gain modules to provide low noise figure and medium poweroutput over the entire multi-Octave frequency bands.

Amplifier DLVA

● Frequency Range: 0.5-18GHz
● High Dynamic Range
● Compact Size
● Good Linearity
● Precision, Reliability and Repeatability
● Economically Priced
● We can provide all kinds of DLVA by Customer’s request

Limiting Amplifiers

CLA series limiting amplifiers combine the proven circuit design and thin film construction of CGM series of low noise amplifiers with a GaAs FET output limiting stages. Available infrequency ranges of 0.5-2 GHhz through 8-20 GHz frequency bands.

Nanosecond High Voltage pulsers

Nanosecond high-voltage pulse generator is based on new all solid-state semiconductor FID switch technology, which is dedicated to nanosecond electric field related research power platform architecture.

Picosecond High Voltage pulsers

● High switching rate and repetition frequency, which can be used in the fields of pokels cells drive, streak camera control, optical imaging and laser modulation drive, etc
● Extremely fast pulse output, which can be used for the test of UWB radar, phased antenna array, ground penetrating radar, UWB communication system and signal shield
● Signal source for EMI and EMC test
● Providing super fast high power pulse signal for particle accelerator