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Broad Band High-Power Air-Cooled Loads

CWL Series air-cooled loads have great reliability and need minimum maintenance. The power rating is for free-air natural convection and increased by 30-50% if forced-air cooling is used. The loads are capable of operating at the rated power detailed in the table over the temperature range -55 to +65〬C.

Directional Couplers (Waveguide and Coaxial)

CDC Series multi-hole directional couplers are offered for the frequency range of 0.5 to 110 GHz in seven waveguide bands. The standard coupling levels are 3, 6, 10, 30 and 40 dB with full waveguide operational bandwidth.

RF Coaxial Connectors

All kinds of coaxial connectors and adaptors will be supplied:

Detectors (Waveguide and Coaxial)

CFD series detectors convert incident RF energy into a DC voltage signal. The function of these detectors is similar to power sensors, with two exceptions. The CFD series detectors perform measurements more quickly and have a greater dynamic range than that obtainable from comparable power sensors.


CLM series limiters are designed for use in a wide range of general purpose applications such as laboratory test equipment, instrumentation and other applications. Reliable operation is achieved using rugged stripline circuit construction.

Mixers (Waveguide & Coaxial)

CMB series balanced mixers are offered in coaxial and several waveguide bands to cover the frequency spectrum from DC to 100 GHz. These mixers employ high performance GaAs Schottky beam lead diodes and balanced configuration to produce superior performance with moderate LO pumping level.

Pin Diode Switches

CXT series PIN diode switches are reflective switches that combine low loss, high isolation performance with an integral TTL driver in a compact package. Various driver options are available. The switches are also available in higher isolation versions up to 100dB. These switches can also be supplied without drivers. Non reflective switches are also available.

Broadband Coaxial Isolators and Circulators

● Load isolation
● Module integration

● Low Cost, High Quality
● Compact Size, Light Weight
● High Performance
● Wide Operation Temperature Range
● Octave and Multi-octave Bands

Coaxial DC Blocks

● Driver for Fiber-optic Amplifier
● Ground loop elimination
● Signal source modulation leakage suppression
● System signal-to-noise ratio improvement
● Test setup isolation

● Frequency Range: 0.01GHz-65GHz
● Resonant-Free
● Compatible with Different Connector Types
● Built-in Capacitor In-Series

Band Pass Filters (Waveguide & Coaxial)

CBF series band pass filter is primarily used for narrow band applications. Pass bands are typically from 1% to 4%. This design is well suited for frequency diplexers used in communication systems or any applications where narrow bandwidths are required.

High Pass Filter (Waveguide & Coaxial)

CHF series high pass filters use a simple yet effective waveguide cut-off filter technique. This design is useful for eliminating unwanted side bands in upconverters and out-of band frequencies in communication systems.

Low Pass Filter (Waveguide & Coaxial)

CLF series low pass filters are available from 0.1-110Ghz in seven waveguide bands. The filters have well matched, full waveguide pass band and thereafter a very wide stop band. The filters reject up to three times the highest pass band frequency. Due the natural waveguide cut off, these filters can also function as full waveguide band-pass filters. Consult Cernex for dimensions due to the wide range of waveguide sizes and frequency ranges.