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Cable Assembly

Microwave cables with frequency coverage of 11, 18, 26.5, 40, 50, 60GHz, with extremely low insertion loss, good phase characteristics, smaller diameter, lighter weight, and good electrical performance under temperature changes and bending conditions stability. Widely used in telecommunications equipment, satellite communications, electronic countermeasures, phased array radar, avionics, marine communications, missile systems and medical electronics.

General optical fiber temperature (pressure, strain) acquisition instrument

Anti interference:electromagnetic field interference, damp heat corrosion, nuclear radiation
Intrinsic safety: inflammable, explosive and sensitive environment
Long term reliability: Fiber Optic Sensing Technology makes long term reliability
Fiber Optic Sensing Technology:Physical quantities are directly converted into optical signals, no electronic structure

Inductive and Capacitive Couplers

The CC3 couplers are intended for the injection of pulsed current (PCI) on signal or mains supply cables according to the HEMP / NEMP standard MIL-STD-188-125-1/2. They are compatible with the PCI short pulse generators EMP80K-5-500 and EMP300K-5-500.The different versions are adapted to the signal or to the mains supply connections.


Aero-rad proposes high current LISN according to MIL STD specifications. TPDs (terminal protection devices) are a combination of a LISN with additional filters to protect the power supply network.

Shielded Enclosure

The measurement of electrical signals in disturbed electromagnetic environments such as high voltage power plants, EMC labs, transmitter stations ..etc is not easy. In such cases it is required to protect the measuring equipment by a shielded enclosure.

High Voltage Attenuator&Coaxial Loads

Our high voltage attenuators are designed for the performance measurement of pulse generators. The nominal attenuation is 54 dB. Increased attenuation can be achieved by adding an optional high voltage attenuator at the output of the device.

HV Coaxial Connectors & Assemblies

Aero-rad proposes high voltage RF 50 ohm coaxial connectors and cables specially developed for fast high voltage pulse transmission up to 200 kV.
This device is used as a feedthrough connector for high voltage / high frequency lines up to 75 kV / 4 GHz. It can be installed on the feedthrough panel of shielded enclosures or of anechoic room.

Radiating Lines

This test set-up can be used for the susceptibility testing of small pieces of equipment such as printed boards, small subsystems, etc., according to MIL-STD-461 / RS105 (NEMP: nuclear electromagnetic pulse).

TEM Cells

These open TEM cells (tri-plate cells) are well suited for immunity testing of small objects according to European (CE) and automotive standards (SAE J1113-25) or for biological experiments. The advantage of these TEM cells is that they are open.

Field Sensors

Aero-rad designs and manufactures derivative electromagnetic field sensors for fast pulse measurement. Sets of D-dot (electric field) and B-dot (magnetic field) sensors are available. Sensors are passive devices – no power supply is required. Aero-rad provides accessories to complete the measurement chain, such as baluns, passive integrators, specific coaxial cables and optical fibre link.

Optical E-Field Sensor (OEFS)

The OEFS provides extremely accurate measurements of E-Field strength distribution /signals, including wideband frequencies. This is possible because the technology uses almost no metal, Lithium Niobate wafers, an optical signal, and a measuring principle called "Pockels Effect", so the sensor is electrically "invisible" during measurements.

Current Probe

This product can measure the particle beam current below the milliampere level. Monitor thousands of amperes of pulse current due to power supply failure. It can be used to monitor the transient current pulse with short picosecond rising edge; the large aperture test probe makes it possible for you to test the high-voltage pulse current without breaking down your current probe.